Real-time carbon accounting

A new way to account for your carbon emissions

Real-time carbon accounting is a crucial tool in the fight against climate change. It provides visibility on a company's carbon emissions through its accounting data, enabling better decision-making to reduce emissions and minimize its environmental impact.

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Scope 1
Covers a company's direct emissions, linked to the direct production of a good or serviceType.
Scope 2
Covers indirect emissions linked to energy consumption.
Scope 3
Made of other indirect emissions, such as procurement, transport or the life cycle of a product.

AI-Powered Calculation Engine

  • Real-time carbon footprint estimate using 4.71 connectors pieces
  • Extraction of GHG/environmental data from accounting documents and other supporting documents
  • Activity-based emission factors attribution
  • Blockchain technology for employee mobility

Services and Benefits

  • Synchronization with your accounting tools (Inqom, Cegid, Axonaut, etc.)
  • Recognition of supporting documents via OCR.
  • Your extra-financial data becomes legible for all your employees.
  • Real-time monitoring of your data for more effective internal action management.
  • Financial savings: The results of reduction actions carried out internally are immediate and enable more effective decision-making.
  • Positive brand image: Companies that track and publish their carbon emissions tend to have a better brand image.
  • Social responsibility and regulations: Many international regulations and accounting standards now require the disclosure of environmental information, including carbon emissions.

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