Automated accounting folder migration

Accounting migration involves moving financial and accounting information from one system or software to another. This process may be required for a number of reasons, including updating obsolete software, merging accounting data from different sources, or changing accounting service providers.

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Optimization of resources
By automating the migration of your customers' files, you streamline the use of your human resources, directing them towards strategic tasks rather than repetitive ones.
Customer satisfaction
Automation enables faster, more accurate processing of your reliable and fast customer serviceType data, promoting customer satisfaction through reliable, fast services.
Cost savings
Automation can generate significant long-term savings by reducing the need for staff to perform manual tasks, while improving efficiency and productivity.

Our offer for a successful migration

Compatible with Inqom, Pennylane, Fulll, Exact, Agiris Sage, Teogest, Bobbee, Cegid Loop, Quadratus and MyUnisoft.

Standard Migration Documents to be supplied:

  • Reference/DP-FECS (tra or txt format)
  • Fixed assets (csv, sav or xml)
  • Attachments with the ability to link documents to accounting entries

Specific Migration

This offer is by appointment only where we will study the feasibility of your migration with your favorite tools.

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